CSC enhances the CSC certification system for concrete towards CO2-reduced concrete

4 January 2022

With immediate effect, companies who have obtained or are obtaining a CSC Certificate (silver or higher) can optionally obtain the additional CO2-Module to this certificate. Its aim is to create transparency with regard to the greenhouse gas emissions associated with concrete production and to classify CO2-optimized concrete into CO2 classes.

The CSC CO2-Module will be expressed through an additional ‘CO2’-tag with different number of stars to the CSC parent certificate. The ‘CO2’-tag applies only to the concrete deliveries with reduced CO2 content, which have been certified under the CO2-Module, and typically not to all concrete supplied by a plant.

For a CO2-Module certification, half a certification right is required.

The CSC manual and an annex for the CO2-Module are published here

With this enhancement of the CSC certificate family, the CSC leads the way towards climate neutrality in the concrete industry by enabling concrete suppliers to express their concrete CO2 reduction through a dedicated CSC-module.

Note: The baseline is defined on country level by each RSO and will be published as soon as they have been finalized.